What “The Lucesco” is all about?


Everyone, at one point or another, is in search of their purpose. Some become bogged down in the day-to-day grind of life; others give up before they start. My sense is very few people are truly happy with their careers and have financial prowess that gives them many options. While I, a former Wall Street Banker with and an Ivy-League MBA, have several criticisms of the capitalist structure of America, I do believe that a healthy understanding of economics and financial literacy is key to all minorities success; this argument goes back to 1865 during Reconstruction when ex-slaves were promised 40 acres and a mule, but these properties and investments were never delivered. If the ex-slaves had received land, then there would have been a smaller wealth gap, between Whites and Blacks, today. For a couple of centuries now, minorities have been the backbone of the American economy and have little (positively, at least) to show for it.

The Lucesco is a blog for people, of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, looking to create more options for themselves and their communities. And by options, I mean increasing economic empowerment through money, additional schooling, and acting as change agents within communities. I hope that people will use The Lucesco to build financial literacy, develop action plans, think critically about recent events, and participate in the discussion. Best case, readers ask questions and I answer them. Worst case, this will be a public journal for my rants. You are welcome, regardless.


Why Minorities Matter?

Americans spend a lot of time talking about political and social injustices, and for the most part, we come to an agreement; Americans tend to disagree on the process and/or actions improving political and social issues. What’s most controversial, amongst even the oppressed themselves, is economic justice. There’s strong dissension about if economic justice is fair. Through The Lucesco, I make that arugment that not only does economic empowerment matter, but it matters more than political and social empowerment.


The Snippet Version

In short, I have a strong knowledge around economics and personal finance. I’m looking to share this information to people who are currently ostracized, undermined, and preyed on (legally and illegally) by the finance industry. The existing institutional heuristics (which allow racism, sexism, homophobia, etc) are shameful, and my goal is to arm folks with the truth.


One thought on “What “The Lucesco” is all about?

  1. This blog is on time! It will be significant to have someone who able to relate to the minorities and guide us to economical enhancement. Thanks for bringing your knowledge to us.


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