Note on recent events

While I find the recent events repulsive, I look at these events as an opportunity to do something. I share thoughts similar to that of Malcolm X, particularly his arguments made in the speech, “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech, where he highlights Blacks lack of economic independence and the need for Blacks to avoid naivety around equality and what it takes, amongst other things. I urge you to take a read or listen to his speech and reflect on its unfortunate timelessness.

One additional observation: The stock market has not been affected by the turmoil. It ended in the green, which speaks to minorities, particularly Black Americans, irrelevance with regard to the market/economy. Since Black Americans came to America, they have been significant builders and contributors to the American economy with little influence/power within the American economy. Does this bother anyone else?


Copy of audio speech

Copy of written speech


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