The Price Tag on Small Elite Schools are Deceiving for Poor Smart People

My classmate wrote this one. Hit the nail on the head with education investments and the difference in decision-making for the informed and the uninformed. It also nicely ties today the question of value on education.

Watermelon, Chicken & Grits

Within the past year, many articles have been published about the need for elite and selective institutions of higher education to increase access to poor and minority students.

On the flip side, many smart low income students choose not to even apply to top tier schools because of the price tag. Many students are also unaware of the Hidden Ivies, smaller institutions which rival Ivy League schools in both academics and prestige.

Yesterday, a college classmate and I had dinner, catching up on our lives, the usual. We both complained about Sally Mae (a term I used to describe any loans taken out for college costs whether federal subsidized or private) and paying back loans. Mind you, we both attended an elite private liberal arts school in which we each escaped with under $15,000 in loans for the full four years. That’s a steal considering the fact that our…

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