Update 10/02/16

1. The first U.S. Presidential debate was held at Hofstra University on Monday. The Vice Presidential debate will be held at Longwood University in Farmville, VA on Tuesday, October 4th. Over 40% of the voting population does not vote – you can find more information on registering to vote here.

2. The White House is considering adding a new racial category to the U.S. Census. The change would add MENA — Middle Eastern/Northern African to the list; currently, this group is categorized as white. Source: Newsy.

3. The Economist cover story this week highlights globalization. In the special report entitled, “The World Economy,” there are six articles that assess the current state of the global economy. Articles include details on the loss of American manufacturing jobs, the downside of open trade, migration/immigration, foreign direct investment (basically how businesses conduct business in other countries and where/how they pay taxes), regulation and competition, and how to make globalization fairer and more effective. Source: The Economist.

4. Brooklyn is officially the most unaffordable place to live in America. As a former Brooklynite, I find this saddening because my experience was filled with such rich, dynamic culture that cannot be the same today, due to gentrification. Souce: MarketWatch.


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