Wired for 2017

My writing about economic empowerment has dwindled in 2016. While the year was a complete shit show for the World, I landed a really dope job in the community and economic development space (with a recent promotion), started developing side-hustles that align with my values and generate additional income, and a number of really good personal things happened. While I am extremely busy, I feel that 2017 will be an important year for my writing, as The Lucesco promotes knowledge sharing around economic issues. I hope that it also helps readers interested in confronting challenging social and economic issues as well. For those who have not figured it out: 2017 will be about running without any ability to hide.

The return to nationalism from globalization is briskly occurring across the developed World, due to Brexit and Trump (if you haven’t noticed, many countries seem to be gaining ground with “alt-right” agendas). Nationalism is the about prioritizing one country over another. With capitalism as the bedrock of America, nationalism will be about ensuring that we make more money and bring economic stability to Americans first, with little-to-no consideration to the well-being of our global peers. Globalization is much more inclusive, focusing on the well-being of all people in the World.

Perhaps, I have not written due to the urge to vomit from the state of the World. My Goodreads.com account has increasingly been filled with books about various revolutions. While it is evident that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift, I am certain that a revolution (another war) is near.

As someone who loves the field of Economics, I am terrified by the President-Elect. Not only did it hurt to watch an overqualified woman lose the appointment as the U.S. President, but also she lost to a bigoted, overly-privileged fool; this is the price that we pay for having a flawless Black president in tandem with a Great Recession. Between folks being ignorant about race, sex, gender/sexual identity and feeling the long-term effects of the Recession, we got President Trump.

Even with the pandemonium that we appear to be living in, I hope that everyone enjoys the holiday season, and I look forward to sharing more about the important work that I am doing and the importance of financial stability.


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