Two Undervalued Variables with Justice Work: Comfort and Rejuvenation

About one year ago, I wrote about “My Move Back to the South.” While the adjustment continues, I have found comfort and post-Obama presidency rejuvenation in primarily one thing: Black Jacksonians unfortunate, yet powerful, legacy of activism.

I am living in one of the most economically, politically, and socially muted states during the Trump presidency.  As a woman of color, and a generally concerned American, it’s an incredibly frustrating and mentally exhausting time; for the last ~6 months, I’ve wondered whether it’s even worth continuing to work towards economic justice. After some careful reflection, I’ve decided that it is important to continue this personal mission.

My background and experiences are at the root of my mission to solve economic injustice problems facing a large number of people. Self-interest is at the root of most of the world’s problems. The ability to see the effects of one’s actions is about compromise. I don’t mean that people should not be self-interested, but I do question the extent to which self-interest becomes a significant problem, posing a threat to the basic human need of others. If there’s no added benefit, then what’s the point? When I challenge close friends or family about this, I am not welcomed with open arms. However, the recognition of privilege goes a long way for outsiders interested in the fight for justice. But who exactly are the outsiders?



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