About The Author

Hello! I’m Kayla and I’m the author of The Lucesco. As an experienced businesswoman, who has worked on Wall Street and recently graduated from Cornell business school, I recognize the importance of economic empowerment. Additionally, I recognize that many people are not well-informed of the economic issues that affect minorities.

We are living in an era where some people believe that meritocracy exists and that people like me, with two degrees from top colleges, don’t struggle because of my socioeconomic class. In reality, when I go to work everyday, I am regularly reminded that I’m a black woman and find myself strategically creating options for myself, covering my ass, and pushing myself harder than peers for mediocre recognition.

On The Lucesco, I share my own experiences and knowledge with the intent to discuss, think, and create potential solutions to minority economic challenges.

I accept emails for questions, comments, or thoughts around all things economic empowerment at TheLucesco@gmail.com.


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